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Well, I have probably sold more CB radios than any man alive, from Sonar to Cherokee, so I feel I am a qualified source for some facts. Over the years a few truths have surfaced.

bulletThe antenna is more important than the power
bulletOperating skills are more important than the power
bulletThe longer and stiffer the antenna ( assuming it is tuned) the better it will work
bulletA magnetic antenna is about 10% as good as the same antenna with a ground ( counterpoise)
bulletThe antenna color does not matter
bulletThe higher the loading coil the better the radiation pattern will be.
bulletMost modern radios have 95% modulation out of the box, cutting to limiting diode only allows the radio to over modulate, this causes distortion, clipping, harmonics, and LOSS of power. A properly modulated radio peaks at about 8 watts.
bulletPower mikes only help people with week voices or truckers in a high noise environment ( be turning down the mike and talking loud to block ambient noise
bulletIf you want more power (illegal on cb) you must go to 100 watts to get any noticeable difference in range, this will give you about 1 s unit at the other end.